Chapter 15 - Rewards

Shafts of sunlight streamed down through the blue-green water.

Two great whites swam majestically near some rocky outcroppings. In her scuba gear, Alena was enraptured as she watched the beautiful creatures. Next to her, Tyler was filming. The more the world knew about these magnificent animals, the safer they would be. The rest of the countries in the world would outlaw their senseless killing. Laws would be enforced. Shark fin soup would be taken off the menus in restaurants.

Tyler looked at his sister and smiled.

She smiled back.


Just then their masks pulsed red and they heard “AI Code Red. This is not a drill. Repeat. This is not a drill. This is an AI Code Red.”

The nearby sharks paid no attention.

The twins headed for the surface.

Nous venons! Alena said to herself. We’re coming!

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