Winter Kills

by Richard Condon

14 years after President Tim Kegan is shot dead in a motorcade through downtown Philadelphia, a dying man confesses to Kegan's half- brother Nickolas Thirkield, that he was the second rifle. Nick shoulders the burden of finding the man responsible for setting up the assassination. His investigation leads him down dark and dangerous alleys. Murder after murder follows him from the oil fields of Asia, down the lonely roads of backwoods Alabama, to the 5-star hotels and restaurants of New York City.

Conspiracies overwhelm him. Was it the incredibly wealthy oilman Z.K. Dawson? Was it Dawson's beautiful daughter Yvette - with whom Nick is deeply in love? Was it the FBI and the Philadelphia cops? Was it the mafia? Was it the movie studios and the vengeful Hollywood actress ruined by the President?

Nick's father - Thomas Kegan - the father of the dead President - steers Nick one way and another, until the real culprit is revealed, in an ending that will shock and surprise you.

Winter Kills is Richard Condon at his satirical best. The plot steams with greed, sex, corruption, lies, murder, and mystery.

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