Between the Desire and the Dream

Selected poems by T.S. Eliot - narrated with original music

T.S. Eliot won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1948. He was a daring and uncompromising innovator who believed the language of poetry should represent the complexities of civilization.

His influence on modern poets continues to this day. This volume dramatizes, with words and music, the reason his poetry has thrilled and touched generations of readers for almost a century.

Dennis Regan and Michelle Dumelle are voice actors remarkably suited for rendering these complex and subtle works. Their expressive intrepretations infuse them with new meaning and understanding.

Steve O'Connor is a nationally-known jazz guitarist and composer whose scoring demonstrates his creativity and his intuitive understanding that the music must enhance - not overwhelm - Eliot's words.

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Read the poems and listen to samples from the audio book: