Chapter 15 – A Very Narrow Escape

The helicopter lifted off toward the mainland, its blades whipping up dust and leaves. As they rose above the tangled forest the island of Pangaea was spread out before them in a sweeping panorama—a timeless world of wonder and danger, beauty and surprise.

A Very Narrow Escape

Jake was looking thoughtfully at Pete. "You knew what would happen when the deinonychus met the ankylosaur, didn't you?"

"It was just a lucky guess," Pete answered modestly.

"Lucky for us, Pete.” Then Jake turned to Wendy, "Do you think your brother would be interested in a job here during summer vacation?"

Pete was grinning so hard Wendy thought his face would break. "Gee, Jake, I don't know if he'll have time. He has dishes to do. And setting the table. And math homework..."

"Wendy..." Pete growled. And both of the young explorers broke up in laughter.

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