Chapter 2 - The Winner Is

Pete was sitting at his desk painting the wickedly sharp claws on a model of a snarling deinonychus, when suddenly the door burst open and his little sister, Wendy, stuck her head in and yelled, "You're gonna miss the drawing!" Then she slammed the door. The brush in Pete's hand slipped, sending a glob of white paint spattering across the face of one of the meanest-tempered dinosaurs that ever lived.
The boy called menacingly "Wendy!" But it was too late. She was gone. Then he looked at his watch and was startled to realize that his sister was right—it was time for the drawing! If he didn't hurry, he'd miss it. He turned on the radio just in time to hear the jingle sing, "W-DINO" Then the disc jockey said, "Hey! You're never too old to rock 'n roll, 'cause the hits are never extinct!" There was the sound of a drum roll, and the DJ announced in a deep, echoing voice, "And now, the moment you've all been waiting for..."

Pete turned the radio up.

The big drawing

"That's right! The W-DINO big dinosaur drawing! Our lucky winner and his or her special guest will go where no outsider has gone before! Dinosaur World's newest attraction—Pangaea—the island of mystery in the middle of Dinosaur Sea!"
"I hope, I hope, I hope it's me," Pete was saying over and over. Every kid he knew had sent cards in, including Wendy. But he had sent in dozens and dozens—more than anyone. He was going to win—he just knew it.

Oh no! Its' my sister.

The DJ said, "Our winners will sail across Dinosaur Sea to Pangaea where they'll spend an entire weekend exploring the tangled jungles and glittering beaches. Now...I'm reaching into the box for the winning card...I've got it...Yes! I'm pulling it out. I'm reading the name of our lucky winner..."

Wow! A whole weekend in Dinosaur World! Pete was holding his breath.

"It's..."the DJ paused dramatically.

"It's me! It's me!" Pete yelled at the radio.

"It's Wendy Wynne!"

"Oh no," sighed Pete as he heard a whoop of joy from down the hall. "It's my sister!

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