Chapter 10 - Lost and Alone

In those first few moments, Tim came very close to being afraid. The stegosaur had stopped chewing and was looking at him; the huge diplodocus had twisted their long necks around and were gazing in his direction. From the depths of the jungle some ferocious creature roared and Tim could hear it crashing through the undergrowth. He hoped it wasn't coming his way. The sounds grew more distant and soon the dinosaurs went back to eating. Tim sighed with relief and began thinking about what to do next.

Lost and Alone

"Bzzt hazzbt?" said a little voice. Tim held the radio up. "Wrrzz weet?" Sure enough, sounds were coming from it. He jiggled it. "What happened? Where are we?"

"I accidentally dropped you off the train. I got off to get you and the train left without me."

The guide moaned. "Oh, no. Uh...how fast can you run?"


"Because you don't want to get caught out here when the allosaurus zzz bzzt ssstrt grrx," The words faded away in a crackle of static.

Tim shook it. "What? Caught out here when the allosaurus what?" But nothing more came out.

He began walking along the tracks, keeping a sharp eye out for anything that stood over twenty feet tall, had teeth like steak knives and a disposition like a bucket of rattlesnakes. In other words, anything that looked like an allosaurus.

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