Chapter 16 - Tell Me All About It

"What did you say?" asked Tim.

The radio crackled again. "I said 'it's about time'."

Tim looked more carefully, and saw that the "monster" bearing down on them was really just the front of the T-Rex Express. Someone had finally come to get him!

Journey's end

He sighed tiredly. "My folks will be so relieved to see me again."

A few minutes later he was back on Mesozoic Mesa. The first thing he saw was his father, munching happily or a hot dog. Then he saw Mary standing at the Nursery window, and his mother looking over the fence at the babies in the Petting Zoo.

Tim was amazed. They didn't even know he'd been gone. They didn't know a thing about his adventure! He couldn't believe it!

Mr. McDunn put an arm around his son's shoulder. "So, was your SuperTour everything you wanted? Did you get to see any animals up close? Tell me all about it."

As they walked back to the parking lot, the roars and growls of the wild animals filled the air behind them. The T-Rex Express whistle sounded. Another trainload of passengers was setting off each visitor about to experience his or her own special adventure in Dinosaur World.

Would Tim's family ever believe his adventure?

Then he felt the sharp point of the allosaur tooth safe in his pocket, and he smiled....

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