Chapter 4 - Can I Take One Home?

The air was warm and humid, and the sunlight coming through the glass roof lit the area with a soft, yellow glow. It made an interesting scene the McDunn family standing at the Nursery window watching the dinosaur family.

The radio guide's voice echoed strangely in the room. "Protoceratops are the earliest known horned dinosaurs. They're like triceratops, but not nearly as big."

Szechuan and her babies

Tim wasn't very impressed. "They sure don't have very big horns." He watched the six-foot-long, 3,000-pound mother, Szechuan, nuzzle a few of the football-sized eggs that lay in the nest while ten tiny babies squirmed and squealed in the sand nearby.

Mary thought they were cute. "Oh, look. They're so tiny."

Mrs. McDunn looked at her daughter. "No! Absolutely not! You are not going to bring one of those home!"

"Uh...l think it's about time to get on board the T-Rex Express," said Mr. McDunn.

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