Chapter 6 - In the Triassic

The train wound through the ancient Triassic landscape; on one side was the swamp that bordered Dinosaur Sea. Strange, stunted trees and ferns poked up through the sand and mud; a crocodile, floating lazily in the water, hissed as they passed; a small pterosaur glided by, his long, leathery wings slowly flapping as he flew out over the sea to fish with his narrow, pelican-like beak. The train crossed a bridge and slowed near some rocks by the shore.

Suddenly, several of the passengers screamed and Mr. McDunn yelled, "Look out!"

Tim looked quickly around and saw a giant spray of water erupt as a huge creature lunged onto the rocks right next to the train. The dinosaur landed on his big front flippers and gave a piercing cry. Tim was startled, but tried not to show it. "What is that?"

The Nothosaur

"A nothosaur," the radio guide answered. "An amphibious reptile, about twenty-five feet long. He lives part of the time in the water and part of the time on land. But he doesn't usually come this close to the train. Careful, don't lean too far out of the window."

The sea serpent's long, curved neck swayed like a snake. The thin head came closer and closer, until Tim could hear him breathe and see water dripping from his needle-sharp teeth. Then, without warning, the nothosaur gave another ear-splitting shriek and slipped back under the water, leaving the boy a little frightened and wondering how much excitement the rest of the trip would bring.

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