Chapter 8 - Too Late!

The train stopped at the end of the Triassic tour and Mr. and Mrs. McDunn and Mary got out.

Mr. McDunn looked serious as he handed Tim the radio. "This is your first trip here, so be very careful not to lose your guide. Whatever you need to know, just ask. And remember, no matter what happens, don't get off the train."

Then they all waved goodbye. Tim watched until they disappeared from sight around a curve. He couldn't help feeling just a little lonesome as he continued his adventure. As the trip through the Jurassic started, he noticed the scenery changing: plants grew thicker more like a jungle, there were more palm trees, bigger ferns, even some pine trees. Several long-necked diplodocus were wading at the shallow edge of the swamp, their huge tails stirring the muddy water from side to side.

Oh no! Too Late!

"Diplodocus had very lightweight bones, so even though they were eighty or ninety feet long, they only weighed as much as a couple of elephants."

Just then, as he listened to the guide, Tim did something that would change his whole day. He set the radio down on the windowsill, leaned out, and lifted the binoculars to his eyes. "I can't see the diplodocus very well."


But the guide's warning came too late.

"Oh, no!" Tim accidentally bumped the radio. It clattered down the embankment by the side of the tracks and came to rest almost under the tail of a huge stegosaur, where it made sputtering and buzzing noises.

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