Chapter12 - Giant!

As their cable car took them slowly over the river toward the foothills and the snow capped mountain Mimi saw what looked like another river—but this one was made of ice.

"There's a glacier in the valley, Barry. Maybe we'll get to see some woolly mammoths."

By this time Smiley was at ease with Barry as well as Mimi, and was standing on the seat next to him looking over the side. He growled when they passed a massive creature with a thick, hairy coat. It looked heavy, almost fat, and moved with exaggerated slowness as it ate leaves. Mimi pushed the automated guide button. "Megatherium infowas a giant Pleistocene ground sloth that grew to over six meters long. It roamed throughout South and Central America and the southern United States."


Barry stared, amazed. "It's bigger than a lot of dinosaurs! I'll bet it's the biggest mammal that ever lived!"

But Prehistoria had another surprise waiting for them.

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