Chapter15 - Keeping Secrets

Their incredible secret tour of Prehistoria had taken them all the way to the other side of Mesozoic Mesa. They slipped through another construction door without being seen and were soon back where their adventure had begun. A crowd was gathered around the sign announcing "Opening Soon! PREHISTORIA!" And everybody was wondering just what surprises waited beyond the fence.

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A girl, visiting as part of a class tour, turned to Mimi excitedly and said, "I'd give anything to see what's in Prehistoria, wouldn't you?" Mimi started to answer, but just at that moment the tremendous roar of a sabretooth cat cut through the air and filled the wild, prehistoric world with its savage sound. The crowd gasped in amazement. "What was that?" the schoolgirl asked. Barry looked at his sister and warned, "Mimi ... don't you dare . . ." And, for maybe the first time in her life, Mimi didn't.

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