Chapter2 - Mimi Don't!

When Barry and Mimi visited Dinosaur World several weeks after the construction had begun, the first thing Mimi noticed was a big sign on the fence:

Opening Soon! PREHISTORIA!
The Newest,
The Wildest,
The Woolly-est Adventure Yet!

"Prehistoria!" she said softly. The word slipped off her tongue, rolled around her imagination and bumped right into her curiosity. Prehistoria! What a name! What a place it must be, she thought.

What happened next probably won't surprise you. When no one was looking Mimi reached out to try and open the door, just as she had tried many times before. Only this time ... this time ... she felt the handle turn ... she heard an oiled click ... and she felt the latch pull back! Someone had left the door unlocked.

Through the fence!

Her eyes lit up with excitement. "Oh, Barry, I know you can't wait to see what's inside!"

Nervously, her brother answered, "I really-"

"I know just how you feel," she interrupted.

Barry whispered frantically, "Mimi, you can't!"

But Mimi could.

"Mimi! Don't!"

But Mimi did. She opened the door and quickly slipped inside, pulling her reluctant brother with her into Prehistoria.

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