Chapter4 - The Pteranodon Trolley

"Mimi, we can't just. . . " But he stopped when he heard a piercing whistle, followed by a booming voice coming from a loudspeaker.

"Lunch break's over. Let's get back to work."

"Uh-oh. Now we're going to get it, Sis. We'd better–Hey!" he yelled as Mimi grabbed his hand and yanked him up and into the car just as the construction crew came around the corner of the building, talking and laughing.

"Shhh! Duck down and be quiet!" Mimi whispered as she pushed her brother down onto the floor of the small car. "We'll leave as soon as they go away."

Aboard the Pteranadon Trolley

The construction foreman picked up a megaphone, "Okay! Ready on the final test run of the Pteranodon Trolley."

Barry, who was scrunched down uncomfortably inside the cable car wishing he could make himself invisible, asked, "What's the Pteranodon Trolley?"

An electric motor began to hum beneath the platform. "I think I know what it is," Mimi answered. With a jerk that startled both of them, the cable car started moving. "This is the Pteranodon Trolley–and we're riding it!"

As the car started down the cable and across the prehistoric valley Barry was too scared to yell or try to get out, but Mimi was smiling as hard as she could. This was an adventure!

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