Chapter8 - Stampede!

The Ambelodons stampeded in all directions. The sabertooth cats, taken by surprise and not a little frightened by the fear crazed giants, lost sight of their intended victim, who galloped to safety beside the leader. The kittens, bewildered by the trumpeting and thundering and not knowing which way to turn, blundered directly into the path of one of the fleeing ambelodons.

Two of the kittens escaped unharmed. The third wasn't so lucky.

A flashing foot caught the baby sabertooth on the shoulder and sent it flying through the air. It landed with a thud in the tall grass and lay unmoving.


When the dust had cleared the big sabertooth went over to the limp little body. She nudged the kitten, urging it to get up. Mimi, watching from the cable car, whispered, "Please get up. Oh, please!" The kitten didn't move. Finally the family of sabertooth cats turned away and wandered back into the forest.

"Barry!" Mimi cried, "I think I saw the kitten move! We've got to rescue it!"

Barry looked at his sister, "Rescue it! How? We're hanging thirty feet off the ground inside a yellow plastic pteranodon in the middle of a wilderness filled with the wildest creatures I've ever seen!"

"Oh, Barry, you always worry so much. Something will happen. It always does."

Sure enough, something happened. But it wasn't exactly what Mimi had in mind: the Pteranodon Trolley went berserk. First, the automated guide began talking backwards. The recording ran faster and faster, becoming a senseless scream of sound, until, with a burst of static and one final yelp, it quit altogether. A small puff of smoke curled out of the speaker. Then, just as they began to think the worst was over, the cable car began jumping and jerking, throwing both of them off balance.

"What's going on, Mimi?"

"I don't know. Just hold on," she answered, gripping the sides of the wildly swinging car. With a low, tortured screech of metal the trolley shuddered and came to a halt.

They were stranded in Prehistoria.

In the silence Barry said, "I think there are some things they need to fix on this ride."

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