Chapter 1 - The Boy Who Knows Everything About Dinosaurs

If there's anything you want to know about dinosaurs, ask Peter Wynne. If there was an animal that had teeth longer than butcher knives, a mouth the size of your front door and made footprints you could park your dad's car in, chances are Pete knew its name and how to spell it, where it lived, how fast it ran and what it wanted for dinner.

The boy who knows everything about dinosaurs

In his room were pictures of a tyrannosaurus rex fighting a huge triceratops, green iguanadons browsing next to giant brown brachiosaurs and two pachycephalosaurus ramming one another with their massive heads; a wooden pterodactyl floated silently on the end of a string above his bed; on his bookshelf were painted models of a diplodocus, a spinosaur and a snake-necked, fish-finned plesiosaur; on one wall was a map of his all-time favorite place—DINOSAUR WORLD. Pete thought his room was wonderful.

His mother thought it was a swamp.

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