Chapter 12 – Deinonychus on the Loose!

They woke up the next morning to the smell of hot chocolate. Mmm-mm! Jake also fixed pancakes and bacon and, since most explorers would tell you nothing makes you hungrier than the prospect of an exciting adventure, it wasn't long before the three of them were wiping their plates clean and getting ready to leave. The kids did the dishes while Jake packed and cleaned up their campsite.

Suddenly, a voice interrupted their morning chores. "Pangaea Camp One this is Main Base. Main Base calling Pangaea Camp One. Come in, Jake.”

Jake picked up the microphone on the portable radio, "Main Base this is Camp One. Go ahead.”

"Security reports a break in the perimeter fencing on the east side of the lake.”

"How bad is it, Main Base?"

"Bad enough. Tracking computers indicate a pack of deinonychus is on the loose, and Jake...they're heading your way. Suggest you make for the chopper pad. We have a bird on its way now. You should have plenty of time to make it. Do you copy?"

"We're on our way. This is Pangaea Camp One over and out.” Jake was all business now. "You heard him. Let's go, kids.”


The trail to the helicopter landing pad led past a swamp where several gigantic phobosuchus were floating lazily. As the trio passed, the reptiles hissed menacingly, their cavernous jaws snapping open and closed, showing off rows of long, needlelike teeth.

To Pete, they looked just like crocodiles—fifty-foot-long crocodiles. To Wendy they just looked frightening.

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