Chapter 13 Just in Time!

Soon the path turned away from the lake and ran beneath a leafy tunnel of oak trees. The light was dim and murky. Suddenly, Pete stopped and looked back down the path, "Jake, there's something behind..." But before he could finish, there was a horrendous crashing and cracking of branches and underbrush, and a huge creature lumbered onto the path directly in front of them.

Saved by the Ankylosaur

It was bigger than an army tank and almost as heavily armored. Its back and sides were covered with bony plates set close together in thick, leathery skin. It had a row of stubby spikes that protected each side of its massive body. But its most unusual feature was its tail: short and thick and ending in a big, knobby ball, which it was swinging back and forth like a club.

"An ankylosaur. And just in time," Pete whispered in awe.

"What do you mean, 'just in time'?" Jake asked.

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