Chapter 14 - Roaring, Screaming, Howling, Hissing

But there was no time to answer as they heard the thunder of clawed feet pounding up the path behind them. Ankylosaurs in front, deinonychus in back! Jake looked for an escape. "Quick, through here!" They darted between a break in the line of trees just as the snarling pack of dinosaurs appeared and caught sight of them. If you've ever seen a deinonychus, you know how vicious they are. The sharp talons on their hands are perfectly made for clutching, while the hooked, razor-sharp claws on their feet rip open their helpless prey. The savage pack was ravenously hungry and mean-tempered and nothing that stood between them and their intended victims was safe. Nothing except an ankylosaur.

- Roaring, Screaming, Howling, Hissing

This was one plant-eater that could take care of itself. When the carnivores attacked, the ankylosaur's prodigious tail went into action, whipping back and forth, sending the hapless deinonychus sprawling in all directions.

Those that did get close enough found their sharp claws had no effect on the creature's armored hide. The battle echoed through the forest. Roaring, screaming, howling, hissing, tearing, biting. And through it all, the devastating, bone-crunching THUMP of the ankylosaur's tail.

Soon it was over. The deinonychus scattered, limping away in defeat, and the ankylosaur resumed its peaceful walk along the path.

And the explorers had seen it all.

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