Chapter 1 - Dressed for Adventure

Timothy McDunn was dressed for adventure. He was wearing hiking boots, rugged-looking pants, a camouflage-colored shirt and an old floppy hat borrowed from Grandpa McDunn. He had binoculars hanging around his neck and he was just buckling a survival kit to his belt when his mother came in.

She smiled. "We're just going to Dinosaur World, Tim. Not to the jungle or someplace dangerous."

"You never can tell," was all he said

Dressed for adventure!

Out in the hallway, Mr. McDunn was looking for something. "We can't leave for Dinosaur World until I find my coat."

Mary McDunn, Tim's sister, opened the closet door. "Here it is, Dad. Can we go now?"

"As soon as I find my keys." Mary reached into the coat pocket and handed her father the keys to the car. "Uh...thanks. Now, just one more thing...where's your little brother?"

Mary opened the closet door again. "Well, he's not in here."

Mr. McDunn smiled. "Very funny."

Just then Tim and Mrs. McDunn came into the room. "There you are. Ready for your first visit to Dinosaur World, Tim?"

"You bet!"

Outside, Dad started the car. "What's the first thing you want to do?"

Tim didn't hesitate for a second. "Ride the T-Rex Express!"

"Of course," said his father.

"And then I want to see an allosaur!"

Mr. McDunn laughed. "Somehow I knew you'd want to see the scariest animal in the park."

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