Chapter 2 - Pterosaurs and Pteranodons

Dinosaur World looked and sounded exactly the way Tim thought it should: tall pines rising overhead, along with exotic ferns, ginkgo and monkey puzzle trees; giant pterosaurs and pteranodons circling in the blue sky, their eerie, high-pitched squeals carrying across the distance; roars, grunts and growls coming from deep in the forest, made by who-knows-what-kind of wild creatures; rumblings and puffs of grey smoke and steam curling from the top of a small volcano.

The girl at the entrance gave them each a ticket and a beautiful color map of the park. Then she handed Mr. McDunn a small box with an antenna. "Here's your radio guide. Any questions you have about the animals, he'll be able to answer. If you're walking, stay on the marked paths. If you're riding the T-Rex Express, keep your arms and legs inside and please, don't feed the dinosaurs."

Pteranadons and Pteradactyls

Tim laughed, "Who could ever get close enough to a dinosaur to feed it?"

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