Chapter 3 - The Arm Lizard

Dad asked, "Where to first?"

And Tim shouted, "The T-Rex Express!"

And Mary said, "The Petting Zoo!"

But a small, thin-sounding voice said, "I'd suggest the protoceratops hatchlings."

Tim looked surprised. "Who said that?"

"The radio guide" Mary told her brother. "Listen."

"If you're interested in the family life of dinosaurs, the Nursery is right next to the Petting Zoo, on the way to the T-Rex Express. Ten of the eggs hatched last week. Szechuan, the mother protoceratops, is very proud of her babies."

Tim was getting impatient. "I don't want to see a bunch of eggs."

"Tim, it won't take but a few minutes, and I'm sure there'll be plenty of exciting things for you to do today." Little did Mr. McDunn know how true that was.

Suddenly, Tim stopped and pointed. "Wow! Look at that!"

The biggest animal he had ever seen had wandered over to some nearby trees and was noisily eating the leaves.


"That's our brachiosaur," their guide explained. "His name means 'arm lizard'. See how his front legs are taller than his hind legs, like a huge giraffe's? He stands over forty feet tall. From head to tail he's over ninety feet long and weighs more than 100 tons as much as twenty big elephants."

Tim was looking through his binoculars at the green and yellow colored giant. "He's even bigger than an apatosaur!"

"He's the biggest land animal that ever lived. Ah, here we are now."

They entered a large, glass-domed building and found themselves inside the Dinosaur World Nursery.

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