Chapter 12 - Dinosaur Birds

The radio guide warned him, "If we ever find his mother, don't try to feed her."

"Why not?"

"Because she's taller than your house."

When Tim walked out from under the trees he looked back and saw the baby dinosaur following. He tried to shoo him away.

"Go on. Go look for your mother. Don't follow me, I'm lost, too."

But the dinosaur stayed right behind, sometimes waddling along on his hind legs, sometimes hopping on all fours. After awhile Tim decided it was nice to have the company. He didn't feel quite so alone. They were walking beside some tall pine trees when something made a ferocious cawing sound.

"Get down!" shouted the radio guide.

Tim barely had time to move as a brightly colored bird flew over his head and landed a few yards away. When he looked closer, he wasn't sure it was a bird at all. The creature had a head like a snake, and pointed teeth. But he had feet like a bird, and long, sharp claws that grew out of his wings.

A Dinosaur Bird

What kind of bird is that?"

"An archaeopteryx. I guess you'd call him a dinosaur-bird. The first bird-like animal that ever lived. They can't really fly. They climb trees and glide down, like flying squirrels." Just then, another one of the crow-sized creatures sailed down, landing next to the first, and together they raced off, their brilliant feathers spread out, noisily chasing some small lizards for dinner.

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