Chapter 13 - Run! Run!

The baby dinosaur began to make a high, whining sound and looked around nervously.strong>

Tim asked the radio guide about it.

"His nose is very sensitive. Maybe he smells something dangerous and is frightened."

"Well, I don't smell anything...."

But at that moment the duckbill gave a terrified scream and set off running.

Tim heard an awesome roar from very nearby, and suddenly everything seemed to happen at once.

"Run!" squawked the guide. "Run!"

Crash! Crunch! The ground shook as a giant allosaur thundered through the trees! It immediately caught sight of the small boy and the little dinosaur. With a mighty leap a an ear-splitting howl, it came straight for them.

Run! Run!

Tim's heart was racing like mad. He'd never been so frightened in his life. "Where do I run?"

"Follow the baby dinosaur!" Instinctively, the baby knew the only chance was to get to Dinosaur Sea ahead of the allosaur.

Tim ran like the wind. Faster than he had ever run before. He looked over his shoulder and saw trees and brush crumble as the monstrous beast pounded after them. Could he possibly make it to safety? How could an animal so big run so fast? How much further did he have to go? He could feel the allosaur's breath hot on his neck.

"Jump!" shouted the guide and Tim launched himself over the rocks and fell into Dinosaur Sea with a loud splash.

When he came up for air he was looking into the face of the enraged allosaur. The carnivorous beast was furious at seeing his dinner just out of reach. His hisses and roars filled the air as he stomped back and forth. With a last futile try, the dinosaur leaned over the rocks and snapped his gaping jaws together, By accident, one of his long teeth hit the edge of a rock. With a loud snap the tooth broke off, falling right into Tim's upraised hand.

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