Chapter 14 - To Swim in Dinosaur Sea

With the sputtering radio clutched in one hand and the eight-inch-long dinosaur tooth in the other, Tim was having a difficult time swimming.

The parasaurolophus, meanwhile, was doing much better. So Tim reached out and put an arm around his long neck. The baby didn't seem to mind helping the boy at all. He just quacked and towed Tim along.

They were swimming parallel to the shoreline, looking for a safe place to land, when a dark grey and blue shape exploded out of the water right next to them.

To Swim in Dinosaur Sea

The baby dinosaur kept right on swimming, paying no attention to the commotion.

"What the heck was that?" Tim wasn't ready for another surprise so soon.

The radio crackled to life. "An ichthyosaur. Very much like a modern dolphin, only bigger." This particular one was about thirty feet long.

He surfaced next to Tim and seemed friendly and curious. He gave a whistling cry, and splashed the boy and the small dinosaur playfully before diving deep into the water. Just when Tim began to think the ichthyosaur had left them, the ocean erupted like a giant fountain and the powerful creature leaped high out of the sea once again, sending water spraying all around, shimmering like a rainbow in the sunlight. Tim laughed out loud.

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