Chapter 15 - Meet My Mother

Finally, the boy and the dinosaur emerged on a sandy beach far away from the roaring allosaur. Tim put the tooth in his pants pocket.

"Now that we're in the Cretaceous era," the radio said, "there's a chance tyrannosaurus rex himself could show up. We better get out of here."

Just then the baby gave another loud squeal.

"Oh, no. Not again." Tim was getting ready to dive back in the ocean when he looked up and saw a much larger parasaurolophus coming out of the trees.

"Must be his mother," said the radio guide. "Better stay out of her way." The huge duck-billed dinosaur, big as a bus, with a horn more than six feet long curving over her head, bent down and began nuzzling her baby and honking. Then together they turned and waddled into the forest and were lost to sight.

Meet my mother

Tim waved and felt like he was saying goodbye to a friend. Now he was alone again. He dug through his soggy survival kit, finally coming up with an old chocolate bar. He peeled the damp wrapper and began chewing. Soon, feeling a little better, he set off once more down the tracks of the T-Rex Express.

"Why hasn't anyone found me yet?" he asked the radio guide.

"I don't know. They should be here anytime now."

Ahead, the Cretaceous forest became even thicker. Swamp cypress and fir trees grew up to the water's edge, and Tim noticed colorful flowers here and there. Herons perched on spindly legs in the shallow water, ducks swam nearby and a flock of gulls flew overhead. All of a sudden, from out of the trees ahead came another huge creature. Not another hungry meat-eater! Tim was just too tired to run and hide. But wait a minute. What kind of dinosaur was this? When it roared, steam actually came out of its nostrils! Tim stopped and stared as the monster came at him.

The radio snapped and popped some more and said, "It's a zzzt bst."

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