Chapter11 - Getting to Know Smiley

They made it up the ladder to safety just inches ahead of the enraged creature. "That was a little too close!" Barry panted. Below them the diatryma hopped about on clawed feet, stretching its thick, feathered neck toward them and snapping its heavy beak. From deep in its throat came weird sounds like a modern day emu makes when angry; to Barry it sounded like someone beating a drum.

Mimi looked up to where another pteranodon car was swinging on the cable, "Let's climb up and rest. When they fix the ride we'll find our way out."

A few minutes later they were catching their breath in the trolley car. The sabertooth kitten was in Mimi's lap. She was worried about the wild little creature and how he might act when he woke up among strangers. Nevertheless, she continued to stroke Smiley's warm fur and talk softly to him. After a few minutes she was amazed to feel the animal purring. "Barry! Smiley's purring! I think he's going to be okay!"

Bigger Big Bird

The kitten opened its yellow eyes and tried to stand up. He wobbled unsteadily, confused and skittish and not sure where he was. When Smiley finally caught sight of the hideous creature in front of him, he arched his back and hissed in fright.

"It's only me," Barry laughed. The kitten bared his fearful saber fangs—not quite two inches long—and backed up into Mimi. Startled, Smiley looked up fearfully at this new menace. But by now Mimi's scent was familiar and her hands and voice were gentle and reassuring, so after a few moments, he settled down next to her on the seat and began grooming his fur and purring contentedly.

Some minutes later, when the cable car jerked to a start, there came a faraway roar and the baby cat pricked up his ears and mewed softly in answer. Mimi and Barry looked hopefully at each other.

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